Has anyone used WP4 (Aquatic-Eco) pumps?

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Jul 13, 2003
I am planning on doing a drill-less closed loop on my 20H that I am putting together for SPS. After doing quite a bit of research and reading on similar systems, it seems the minimum pump would be a Mag7...and those using it actually want more flow. The problem in my situation becomes cost.

Someone suggested this pump to me: http://www.aquaticeco.com/aquatic1v1/itempg.icl?orderidentifier=ID1067310745859351145&eflag=0&iteminfo4=0&itmid=9941&passitemid=9941 This seems pretty optimal for what I want, and the price is great (I can even pump out 1,125 gph with one of these for the same price as a Mag7 or Mag9).

I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with this pump? I've heard good things about them being submersed...but mine will be plumbed in-line, and I haven't run across anyone using them this way.