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Hey everyone im new to the forums and also relitivly new to reefkeeping. basically I love the hobby and just need people to share it with. I currently know NOONE that has a reef tank or even really cares about it. sooooo, im branching out and I hope that I can find some friends in the area. I currently just set up my second tank ever. my first was a 37 gallon octopus tank. then i decieded to go full on reef. I currently have a 75gal reef ready with a 29 gallon sump. custom stand and canopy. its basically a mixed reef but im trying to shoot toward more sps.

tank stats

2 ecoray 60d LEDS
reef octopus 150
2 sicce voyager 3's attached to hydor smartwave
fuge with chaeto, pods and such
80lbs live rock
percula clown(want to remove too aggressive)
sapphire damsel
3 green chromis
bartletts anthelia
yellow cleaner goby
misc snails and hermit crabs

ANYWAY, I cannot post pics becuase the site has a bandwith dealio and i exceeded it, but i just wanted to say hello and hopefully i can meet some of you north enders!


want more mini maxi
May 5, 2005
welcome to reef frontiers. as you get on here more and more. you will find people that live so close to you that have reef tanks. i started out as a fresh water fish tank owner. one of my buddys said you need to come over to my friends house and look at his fish tank. i said whatever. okay lets go look. as soon as i set my eyes on his saltwater reef tank i was hooked. i couldn't belive all the colors of the fish and all the cool colorful coral. that was 15 years ago and i still love it. i started out with a 44 gallon tank that was my fresh water tank. turned it into a reef tank. i no longer have that tank. i then jumped into a 125 gallon tank. then i sold that tank because i found my dream tank for sell. it is a 360 gallon tank. i have always wanted a tank that you can walk all the way around it and see in from all sides. well now i have that tank. it is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. 20 inches tall. one thing i really enjoy in this hobby is going to other peoples houses from reef frontiers to buy or trade coral. i have met so many great people on here.
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