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May 18, 2004
Norfolk, Virginia

Well people keep on asking me what all I'm going to put in my big tank with rocks and sand, and being relatively new to this part of the aquarium hobby, I'm beginning to wonder that myself. My big tank really isn't that big compared to some of yours, only 75 gallons, but big to a non-hobbiest I suppose.

So yeah, it's been up for a few months and I'm slowly buiulding towards a reef. Just using 260 watts of PC lighting and a 20 gallon sump/refugium. I have a few mushrooms, about 80lbs of assorted live rock, 20 lbs of live sand, a few brittle stars, assorted snails, hermit crabs and shrimp. Coralline seems to be doing good and starting to cover the rocks. As for fish and larger invert, I currently have two clarkii clowns, and a sebae anemonea one is hosting. A sixline wrase and a banded goby.

Now what I'm looking to put in over the next year or so is a target mandarin, some sort of dwarf angel (suggestions besides the obvious flames and coral beautys?), and probably a yellow tang, or another species if anyone can suggest some that can live in a 75 comfortably.

Is this going to be pushing it, or could a few more live in there in time. Every LFS tells me soemthing different and I wanted to get some other opinions, experiences from you all.



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Jan 25, 2004
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I want to say first that you are doing the best for your tank....research. Personally, I don't think a mandarin and a sixline wrasse would go well together in a 75 gallon tank - without a huge amount of live rock and a substantial pod population. I would be concerned that one of the 2 would starve.

Not sure about the dwarf angels - do you know what your future holds for corals? Will you stick with softies or do you desire some LPS and SPS? Do you want to keep clams?

Keep up the great work - you seem to be on the track to a beautiful reef tank....
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