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dont get it
Oct 21, 2004
puyallup , tacoma
i have had to fight ick on tangs in my reef,it is sometime hard , useing garlic treatment,
corals don't like the sludge type funk floating in the water and your fish don't really like it ether

you soke flake or brine and dump it in, don't think i works well so

this i what i do

first put your garlic guard or whatever type in to small spray bottle
take some tin foil and place a lot of flake on it
preheat oven to 180-200
place tin with/ flake let warm
them spray small amount on flake
wait a few and lightly mix around and repeat
if garlic is put on too thick you will get large clumps so spry a little and repeat over 3 or 4 time

it works well the fish dont even know the dif so not much ever get around any corals

i just got a large tang and it had some ick on fins and eyes
and had to fight a little with my fox face
but all ick is gone
after 8 day

i hope this info helps, and saves some fish

happy new years
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