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Oct 21, 2003
Hey Everyone,

I am just starting week 2 of my business trip to Riverside CA. I can tell you that the weather here is wonderful. I am origionally from Phoenix so I have a little part of me that loves the dry heat :badgrin:

Before I left I finished the last phase of automation for my tank. It is a totally automated top off system involving a rodi, holding tank, several float switches and valves. So far it is working good for about 4-5 weeks so far. I decided that for the actual top off in my sump I would stick w/ a mechanical setup and am using a kent float valve. Anyway all this is making it really easy on my wife.

Polly told me the other day that there was a 4 hour black out there in Lakewood, and after that everything turned right back on as normal, so that is good. I did however lose 1 coral. It was a real nice little red monti cap, that was recovering nicely from previous STN and ensuing alge coverage. I had fragged the heck out of it and glued the frags together, and it was doing wonderfully for about a month. I am hoping that nothing else will be affected. So far from the pictures she sent me it is looking good, and I am finally starting to see a little corraline starting to grow on the back glass and the BB.

I have to say that I really like it here in Cali. If I had lots of money I think that I would like to live around Laguna Beach. I went snorkling there the other day and it was really cool. Saw a lot of good stuff, such as stingray's; urchin's; big snails; really big nudibranch; lots of small schooling fish; some type of cod; and some really neat orange fish that looked like some type of angles; and some small brown spotty sharks. It was really fun, and I can hardly wait for my vacation to Thailand in December. I am working on getting into a scuba class, but am having a hard time finding one that will work w/ my schedule here. I may have to wait till I get back and buy a dry-suit, and get certified in the Puget Sound :eek: .

Well I just thought I would drop in here and let you guys know how things are going. Talk to y'all later

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