How to communicate, through the Classifed ads!!

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May 16, 2006
Spokane, Washington, United States
Recently, we received a few PMs from members, who aren't receiving PMs or believe PMs they've sent, through the classifieds aren't being received.

So, I figured I'd explain something, that I hope will help.

PMs in the classifieds do work. However, there's several ways to "contact seller" in the classified section.

1. Contact Seller

If you use the Contact Seller feature, in the classifieds, which is on the right hand side, under Seller Details, the seller receives an email, to whatever email address they have registered with Reef Frontiers.

2. Classified Message System

This is NOT the same as a PM. If you click on the seller's user name, under the avatar, in the classifed section, and scroll down, there's an option to Send A Message. If you do this, it sends the seller a message, through the classified system. The seller would have to check IN THE CLASSIFIEDS, through this system, to see if they have any messages. The classified Message notification is in the classifieds, in the top horizontal row of options, directly below the Sponsor Banner. That's where you'd check to see if you have any messages.

3. Private Message

When a seller places an ad, in the main ad window, there is not a PM option. However, if the seller posts any additional posts, such as a second post, with pictures, at the bottom of that second post, or any subsequent posts, there is a PM feature. This feature is our standard PM feature. If you use this, the member will receive a standard PM.

So, members who are buying/selling, in the classified ads need to be aware of the 3 different communication options and how each work. The only time there is an actual PM feature, is in posts made, IN ADDITION to the original ad. The original ad window does NOT contain a PM feature.

Buyers/Sellers need to make sure they have access to whatever email address they used, to register for Reef Frontiers with. The Contact Seller option will generate an email, sent to that email address.

Buyers/Sellers need to check, to see if they have Classified Messages. This feature does NOT generate a pop up notification. In the Classifieds, members can access their Classified Messages, in the top horizontal row of options, directly below the Sponsor Banner.

Hope this helps to clear up some misunderstandings about how the Classifieds work!