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Oct 23, 2004
Nassau, Bahamas
Starting a new thread is quite simple, but for those of you have never been a member of a forum before or aren't use to our forum layout, I thought I'd give you a hand and make life a bit easier for you. :)

At the top of every forum section you enter, you will see a red box close to the top left that says " + Post New Thread" as seen in the first screen shot below marked by the red arrow. Once you are sure you are creating your thread in the appropriate section click on that tab.

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Once you click on that tab, it will take you to another screen where you can now create your new thread. First things first...You will need to put a title for your thread in the box marked by the red arrow shown in the screen shot below. I'd make it as descriptive as possible so people seeing the title will know what the thread is all about and also, it will make searching for the thread easier down the road. Once that is done, you can now start typing in your message/post in the body section marked by the blue arrow found in the same screen shot as well below.

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Lastly, once you are finished making your post and are ready to submit the thread for everyone to see, all left for you to do is click on the "submit new thread" tab which you will find on the bottom right of your screen marked by the red arrrow in the screen shot below and you are done! Your newly created thread is now visible for everyone to see. :)

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