how to glue pvc pipe

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Reef Keeper
Jul 5, 2003
1. Square pipe ends and remove all burrs, dirt and debris.

2. Check the dry fit of the pipe and fitting. The pipe should easily fit in one-third of the way. Pipe should not bottom when dry, it should be a snug fit.

3. Clean pipe and fitting with PVC cleaner, then prime with Purple Primer. Choose proper PVC cement based on desired cure time (regular cement requires 24-hour cure vs. Rain Tight 1-hour cure for low pressure applications).

4. Apply a thin coat of PVC cement to fitting, avoiding puddling inside of pipe. Make certain the entire socket surface is covered.

5. Apply a liberal coat of PVC cement to pipe. Make certain the entire pipe surface to the socket depth is covered.

6. Quickly assemble parts. Cement must be fluid when attaching segments. If not, reapply cement to both parts.

7. Push pipe FULLY into fitting using a 1/4 turn motion until pipe bottoms.

8. Hold pipe and fitting together for 30 seconds, then wipe off excess glue with a cloth.

9. Keep cement container tightly closed when not in use.

10. Do not pressure test until cement is fully cured.