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Ed Hahn

Life is A Highway...
Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
The last year I have learned more than any other year of doing Saltwater. I started this hobby in 1991. I was mislead by my local fish store on several different occasions. I put fish together that were not compatible. Oops, there went $50. I learned that Porcupine puffers create toxin in the water when they expand. I put certain types of fish with coral that were not compatible. Oops, where did my fish go? I had a horrible experience with a 125 gallon tank. I bought large Angel fish because I loved the looks. I tried to use a wet and dry with a cheap skimmer. The results were losing 8 large show quality angel fish. My wife was repeatedly upset. These fish in the Tri-Cities would have cost about 200-250 dollars apiece.

Here is my nickels worth...If you set up a tank. Use one and a half pounds per live rock per gallon. Let the rock cycle for 8 weeks. Add fish slowly, two at a time. Let your tank build a resistance on its own. Invest your money in a top of the line skimmer. Make sure you do not have any dead spots in your tank for food or waste to hide. You want as much Live Rock contact as possible. Keep your hands out of your tank as much as possible. If you put your hands into your tank make sure they are clean. Feed your fish with your finger tips in the water and before you know it....Your fish will look for you daily...Good luck!

Quick somebody Hide the coffee...I have had too damn much!


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May 17, 2004
Troutdale, Oregon
Great Thread

If we could all go slow, from the get go? It would have saved me a few $'s. It took a while before I learned that costly lesson, but I have learned it none the less. Thanks, Neil


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Jan 25, 2004
I don't think anyone could go slower than me...lol. This particular tank is taking forever, but it is coming together now.....the rock is gorgeous, and my patience is paying off. The great thing about the reefing boards, is you can gather information and experiences from numerous hobbyists. You can also recruit reefing friends to help you with your aquascaping....thanks in advance curt and katrina for tomorrow's fun!!
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