In need of tank and equip.. bday present :)

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Feb 5, 2005
Olympia, WA
Heya All, I am looking to get a reef tank going.. if anyone has a tank they want to get rid of, or an old tank.. or whatever... I'm game.. I live in Olympia and am willing to go anywhere to pick up a tank. Today is my birthday and i've been lookin for a month or so now.. I'm extending my pickup range from Mt Vernon to Albany.. ya.. long way.. but I wanna get a tank soon.. so I can start curing some rock.. or if anyone has a full setup, thats cool too.. I'm on a fairly strict budget.. but willing to work out a deal. Lets talk!

Email me ASAP Zechirian2003@yahoo.com
or Zechirian@comcast.net
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