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Jan 14, 2004
Kirkland, WA
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Barrier Reef splurged on livestock this week. Stop by and pick something up for your reefing partner. There are two Cleaner Crew+ orders, Mixed Wholesale, Biota Captive Bred Fish, Bali Maricultured Acropora, Indo Fish/Inverts and Boutique Corals all scheduled to arrive. We are also running an incredible special on Aussie Scolys. Sorry we attempted to land 200-300 Trochus Snails but both suppliers were out.

Boutique Coral - Arrived Wednesday
1-master scoly!
6-aust scoly sale 149.99 each!
3-purple urchin
1-prism favia

Mixed Wholesale - Arrived Wednesday
These fish are pre-conditioned by the supplier and will be available immediately.
4-diamond sifter goby
5-gold midas blenny
6-green mandarin
1-male pintail wrasse
12-sm cleaner shrimp
6-lg cleaner shrimp
2-lg purple base ritteri anemone - really nice
6-blue knuckle hermit
1-copperband bfly
6-threadfin cardinal
2-long nose hawk
1-clown tang
2-two spot tang
1-lg gold rim tang
1-xl matted file
2-indica red fromia star
1-med purple tang
12-4-stripe damsel

Cleaner Crew+ #1 - Arrived Wednesday
30-scarlet hermit
40-emerald crab
1-yellow/red gorg
3-orange ric florida
20-peppermint shrimp
300-astraea snail

Cleaner Crew+ #2 - Arrives Thursday
200-med blue leg hermits
60-scarlet hermit
3-ultra rock flower
6-blue steel ricordea
12-orange ricordea
1-purple blade gorg
2-purple plume gorg
1-golden sea rod
60-emerald crab
40-peppermint shrimp
12-pin cushion urchin
600-astraea snail
3-cherub angel
1-chalk bass

Indo Fish/Inv - Arrived Wednesday
These fish will be going into our conditioning/QT protocol.
3-vlamingi tang
3-scopas tang
2-naso tang
3-squirrel fish
4-coral beauty
1-yellow angel
1-six spot sifter goby
1-pyramid bfly
6-leopard wrasse
12-lyretail anthias
3-blue eye tang
1-bamboo cat shark
6-algae blenny
6-green clown goby
6-scooter blenny
12-domino damsel
8-green bubble tip anemone
1-green saddle carpet
10-asst sebae anemone
4-asst long tentacle anemone
12-halloween hermit
6-engineer goby
12-3-stripe damsel

Biota Fish & Bali Maricultured Acropora List Will Be Posted ASAP & The Order Arrives Friday!


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