Infamous worm

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Mar 17, 2004
Columbus, OH
I was talking to a friend who is in the Marine Bio program at UW about crabs and such and she was telling me about this microscopic marine worm that gets into the animal and lays it's eggs inside of it's stomach. (This was after seeing many crabs on a dive in the Puget Sound) Has anybody heard of this before?? I didn't catch the name of the worm. I perked up because my emrald crab died all of a sudden after being extremely healthy and well fed. It's stomach was really bloated. It hadn't been dead for long so I don't know what could've cause his death. He lived in my 12 gallon with a brittle star, my gecko goby and a margarita snail all of which are perfectly fine. Params are A OK. Is this worm a tropical worm or cold water worm?? I'd love to get more info on it if anybody knows about this little guy. What a good egg incubating technique. Animal survival is amazing... :)
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