Iwasaki 250W bulb

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Nov 24, 2003
Monroe, WA
I just bought a used (reported as 4 months use on all components) lighting system consisting of a PFO 250 watt EYE ballast, a Horizontal PFO pendant with mogul base, and an Iwasaki 250 watt bulb. I connected it all together and the ignitor turned red, then the bulb light very dimly for about 15 seconds, then shut off and would not reignite until it sat for about 15 minutes. After resting it followed the same routine 4 times before I gave up on trying to get it to run.
Is this an issue with the bulb or the ballast? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 26, 2003
Portland, OR
Try screwing the bulb all the way into the socket - gently. Then back out till the "nipple" is pointing up.

If you look, there is a piece of glass in the middle of the bulb that resembles a small "fluffy pillow" for lack of a better description that has a "nipple" it should be pointing up.



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Mar 14, 2004
West Hempstead, N.Y.
The position of the nipple on the Arc tube will have no effect on the bulb not lighting. The PFO EYE ballast will run only Iwasaki Bulbs.Mh ballasts can not be started and re started like incandescent or Florescent fixtures.They need 3 -5 minutes minimum to restart and multiple on and off times will damage your bulb. If your bulb is not fully igniting then the ballast is suspect.Check to see that it is in fact a 250 watt ballast.If you can borrow another 250 Saki from a fellow reefer you can try it out to confirm.The above advice recommending that you check to see that the bulb is completely screwed in, is also a good idea. There is a small prong in the center of the mogul socket that sometimes needs to be gently pulled forward to increase contact.This is sometimes necesary when you change bulb types,but this is not the case here.If all fails I suggest contacting PFO directly.Here
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