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Jan 20, 2004
Arlington, Texas
From our president Marc:

The Meeting & Frag Swap are going to be combined, and occur on Saturday, June 11th, starting at 1pm sharp.

We strongly recommend you be on time, so as not to miss out on all the cool stuff you might obtain.

Frags may be traded or sold, as well as any other aquaria-related items you might have on hand. For the first 30 minutes, people will have a chance to look around to see what everyone else has. Then the fun begins!

The Calvary Chapel Assembly of God has donated a room for us to use, with lots of tables. We appreciate this generous act on their part, and want to be sure to clean up before we leave so as to leave a good impression with its members. The event will last approximately 2 hours, and we should all be gone by 3:30pm at the latest.

If you have frags you want to sell right now, please hold off and bring them to the Frag Swap instead. Last November, we had about 500 frags available. Let's see how many we can bring this time. There will be a special drawing for a prize - only available to those that bring 10 frags or more. One person will be put in charge of this, and will make the decision if you qualify. Shredding a head of xenia to say you have 10 frags won't cut it.

We will also have our regular raffle after the Frag Swap and Meeting, so everyone will have ample opportunity to go home with something.

Here is the address:

Calvary Chapel Assembly of God
2422 N Jupiter Rd
Garland, TX 75044

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