Kalk vs Co2 Reactor

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Hermit D Crab
Nov 20, 2003
Hey All,

I have read about Kalk and Reactors. How they work, how to configure them, how to measure output, impacts to chemistry ect ect..

HOWEVER in doing these studies I also see hobbyists claiming their growth increased when migrating from Kalk to a Co2 reactor despite maintaining the same calcium and alk levels.. Does this have any merrit? Anyone else experience this?

Ideally I planned to run a reactor during the day and dose Kalk at night to increase the PH stability, however I have not yet set-up my reactor and kalk dosing is easily keeping up with CA demands via a dosing pump on a float switch in the sump (I even screwed up and got my level over 500ppm! :( )

Any thought or experiences would be great. The RK Mag article on Kalk was great as was our Calcium thread, I just don;t recall the difference in growth rates discussed between the mechanisms..
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