"Lab" grade test kits.

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Dec 15, 2004
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1. The kit did not come with a calibration solution so I will order one tomorrow. I should have thought of that, and Hach is SLOW on the shipping.


2. mg/l=ppm yes?

Yes, they are close enough to be equal/. For us it is ~ 1.023 x ppm = mg / l

3. The low test is from 5-100mg/l (too low) and the high test is 20-400mg/l this means that for the high test each drop of titrate=1.12 dKH which seems to be a bit coarse. Should I be using a different test

If you dilute that 20- 400 by 2, then it becomes 10 - 200 ppm and 1 drop = .56 dKH. 2 meaning 1 part sample with reagent and add 1 part RO/DI water. So, it the sample was say 10 ml at normal testing you would do the 10 ml and then add 10 ml of RO/DI water to equal 20 ml and then titrate that 20 ml, where each drop now would equal 0.56 dKH.


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Feb 21, 2011
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Saltwater Master Test Kit Product #: 2068600US Price: $88.09Qty in Order: 0 Quantity:


Is this kits a good choice or bad choice? I know's it doesnt' test everything that i need but most, will get mostly elos for the rest of my tests.

Anyone who can tell me what should be the minimum test I should have on hand at all times?

I don't have my tank yet. I had a 125 gallon tank back in 2001-2004, I stopped because it was too hard to maintain on Sea Duty, gone way too long and stressful on wife, well, I am on my last duty station then I am retiring for good after 22 years. So, I am getting back into it, getting a 180 gallon tank, yeah CFI :) So, I am working ahead and making lists of all that I need on hand. I just need a list of all that I should have onhand to test at the starting point. Obviously, PH, Ammonia, Nitrite.....

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