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Ed Hahn

Life is A Highway...
Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
Dear MCSAC Members,

Wow, what a great meeting we had last night. And it was very nice to see people from Spokane are showing up. The food was fantastic and the people were great. I know we had a blast and hope all of you that attended feel the same way.

The Pampered Chef’s kitchen consultant wishes to thank all of you who attended the Pampered Chef presentation for such a warm response, Thank You again.

Another thank you goes out to Ed Hahn for all the great high quality charcoal that you distributed among the members. That was great.

I even put in a link below listing the information about the mysis shrimp that Rick Halverson sold to us. Great Prices and great stuff. My copper-band-butterfly (and other fish) absolutely loves it.

For those of you that did not attend the meeting, you sure missed a great one. Rick brought over frags from his tank that he didn’t have accessible before. Table top and some awesome candy corals. Wow.

Also, those of you that got a hold of zoos from my tank, if you need more just ask. They are very prolific and spread out very fast.

Also, be for I forget, there are two things that need to be addressed.

#1. the reeftopia order will be done this Monday, it is not too late to add your name to the list. Make sure you get in contact with me so that it can be done.

#2 The trip up to the Spokane meeting is not set in stone at what time yet. I am figuring around 10am-noon on the morning of Saturday the 22nd. We want to have enough time to spend next week’s paychecks before the acrylic fabrication

Ok without waiting any further, here are the links to the information that we talked about last night.

Here is the Eductor. mixing eductors.pdf

DIY Calcium Reactor.

Brent Barr from Spokane in which the next Spokane meeting will take place. He will be giving complete details in how to work with acrylic and design.

Mysis Shrimp. The stuff that was sold last night for $4 for 4onces.

Angle Fish in Reef Aquariums

Hope this answers some of the questions that you had and I can not wait until next time,

Matthew Steel

MCSAC President
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