LED Lighting

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Jul 1, 2003
Has anyone either done some preliminary research or know of good sources for continuing studies on commercial application of LED lighting for the reef aquarium?

I have been monitoring this area, as well as optic lasers on the novice level for the past few years and just felt that an open forum was due for this subject.

Any thoughts?


Reef Keeper
Jul 5, 2003
Paladin the concept is really cool. And now they have just come out with a true 10K led light bulb. However the problem still lies in intencity and the overal cost of the unit. I talked alot with the fellow that runs Champion lighting at Macna in regards to using LED lighting for a tank. He said they have spent alot of time and money trying to figure out how to impliment them. The best they could do that would be practical was a moonlight using the deep blue LED.
The strongest led out thier right now is the luxeon star . To give you an example of what u are looking at. If you ran luxton star 5 watters I would estamate 8 to 12 of them for every 2 square feet of surface area for a even coverage. to compare apples with apples that would be a cost of 408.00 + tax just for the bulbs, still have to make a holder and a power supply. in the end this will compare to a 70.00 NO set up. So hopefully as the tech gets better the price will lower a bit, and then maybe it might be OK