Lighting for my sump/fuge?

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Jul 2, 2003
So I'm trying to get decent reliable lighting for my fuge under my tank. I had the LOA fixture but it blew out and I'd rather not have to replace it every 6 months. So as a quick fix I got a clip on work light and a twisted fluorescent bulb. Unfortunetly it didn't do the trick. I think it was my choice in bulbs, I couldn't find any high wattage plant bulbs at HD that were fluorescent.

So I got my spare dual 30w NO fluorescent ballast and wondering if I get 2 36" grow light bulbs for that if it would be good enough? Or should I just go back to LOA fixture or is there a special twisted bulb/grow bulb I could buy that I didn't see at HD?



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Aug 1, 2003
Southern Oregon
I had the LOA 65w/6500K that seemed to be good cheap alternative till it went into stroboscopic mode then died, I didnt buy another, since I bought it at a HD 250 miles away.
I have seen a few algue tanks run on the bell shaped plant gro bulbs in cheapo clampon reflectors, those seem to work OK