Lighting for new tank

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Feb 24, 2004
south jersey
In designing my new tank, I began to look at lighting.

the tank will be L shaped, with 2 72" front viewing panels, 30" wide and 30" deep. approx 450 G. I plan on housing mostly SPS.

what kind of lighting would you guys do. I was thinking 4x96 ActinicW PC's along the front panels, 4x65W Actincis along the back panels. and 5 250W MH. This is where I need some opinion. I was considering making some or all of the MH 400W. thinking about starting from the top of the L, 250W 10000K, 400W 20000K, 250W 10000K over the bend, then 400W 20000K and finally anotehr 250W 10000K on the other end.

I think that would be enough light for the SPS, right?

Like this.

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Jun 30, 2003
Mukilteo, WA
Seems like that would work. I think that is very similar to what Mojo (Mike) has on his tank and his looks great.

I know Mike has bent the reflectors to meld the light a little more and get a better blending of the color spectrums. Just a thought.
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