Livestock Shipments Week of Mar 22nd

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Jan 30, 2004
We have a few shipment scheduled for this week

1. Aqua Marine Wholesale Order Friday Mar 26th
Fancy Zoo's, Mushrooms, Fancy Euphyllia. We sould get some really cool stuff!

2. Fiji Acropora Order Friday Mar 26th
Tranship order so I don't know what is coming or @ what time. Did order 4-6 sm/md fancy Acropora and a few other types of SPS should be a nice shipment.

3. Hawaii Fish Order Friday Mar 26th
Yellow Tangs, Kole Tangs, Naso Tangs, Anthias, etc

This weekend shoul be a great time to check out our selection we should be packed with some great Fish and Corals! Remember out Livstock Sale April 24-25th This ones the big one!!!!!

Thnaks for your support!

Blue Sierra Staff

Jonas Sternberg