Magnesium, Strontium, Phosphates, Trace Elements, etc.

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Jul 5, 2003
Part One...Magnesium and Strontium
Part Two...Phosphates
Part Three...Iodine
Part Four...Other Trace Elements
Part Five...Other General Information

Magnesium and Strontium

Strontium and the Reef Aquarium by Randy H-F

Magnesium and Strontium in Limewater by Randy H-F

Magnesium in Reef Aquaria by Randy H-F

A Homemade Magnesium Supplement by Craig Bingman

Magnesium — Part II by Craig Bingman

Magnesium Ion Precipitation in Reef Aquaria: A Tempest in a Teapot
by Craig Bingman

Magnesium: Calcium's little sister by Randy H-F

Do-It-Yourself Magnesium Supplements for the Reef Aquarium by Randy H-F

Reef Aquarium Water Parameters

Phosphate Research

Phosphate and the Reef Aquarium by Randy H-F

Phosphorus: Algae’s Best Friend

Calcium Reactor Substrate: Phosphate Levels

Iron Oxide Hydroxide (GFO) Phosphate Binders by Randy H-F

Phosphate….What is it and why should you care by RHF

Phosphate problems by Charles Delbeek

Reef Aquarium Water Parameters


Iodine in Marine Aquaria: Part I

Iodine In Reef Aquaria: Part II

The Halogens - Part III: Iodine

Iodine Coral's Prey Response by Eric Borneman and Ron Shimek (Discusses Iodine).

Q and A on the Iodine Article by Eric Edelman.

Adding Iodine To The Reef Tank

Other Trace Elements

Iron: A Look at Organisms Other than Macroalgae by Randy H-F

Iron in the Reef Aquarium

Simple Chemical Reactions: The Beaker and The ReefTank, Eric Edelmann

Metals In Limewater

Aluminum in the Reef Aquarium.

The Degradation of Limewater by Randy Holmes-Farley

Reef Aquaria with Low Soluble Metals by Randy Holmes-Farley

What is a Trace Element and Why Should You Care About Them?, Dr. Craig Bingman - 17th October, 1999.

Boron in the Reef Tank

Toxicity of Trace Elements: Truth or Myth? by Habib Sekha

Silica in Reef Aquariums by Randy Holmes Farley

Chloramine and the reef aquarium

Simulating the Effect of Calcium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate Additions on Reef Systems by Craig Bingman

20 Mule Team to the Rescue...Again by Craig Bingman

Silicon....Friend or Foe by Craig Binman

The Halogens - Part I: Bromine in Seawater and Aquaria

The Halogens - Part II: Fluoride

Fluoride Depletion In Four Reef Aquariums by Craig Bingman

Expanding the Limits of Limewater: Adding Organic Carbon Sources by Craig Bingman

Limits To Limewater...Revisited by Craig Bingman

Trace Element Supplementation — Is It Necessary? by Terry Siegel

Elevated Nutrient and 'Trace Element' Concentrations in Reef Aquaria, Preliminary Findings: Their Effects on Zooxanthellae of Porites lobata by Dana Riddle

Hydrogen Sulfide and the Reef Aquarium by Randy Holmes-Farley, Ph.D.


General Information

What is Seawater? by Randy Holmes-Farley

Water Changes in Reef Aquaria by Randy Holmes-Farley

Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Systems to Purify Tap Water for Reef Aquaria by Randy Holmes-Farley

Reef Aquarium Water Parameters by Randy Holmes-Farley

Simulations Of The Effect Of Water Exchanges On The Chemistry Of Aquaria by Craig Bingman

Understanding Seawater by RHF

Composition of NSW

Comparison Table of Elements Contained in Some Top Brand Name Sea Salt Mixes

Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Likely Effects on Coral Reefs by Craig Bingman

Oxygen Saturation by Rob Toonen.

The Need to Breathe in Reef Tanks, Part 1: Is it a Given Right? by Eric Borneman

The Need to Breathe, Part 2: Experimental Tanks by Eric Borneman

The Need to Breathe, Part 3: Real Tanks and Real Importance by Eric Borneman

Ionic Imbalance, Jimmy Chen

How to Mix a Batch of Synthetic Seawater in Under Five Minutes by Craig Bingman

Water Changes

Necessary Maintenance - Water Changes by D. Wade Lehmann

Water Changes in the Reef Aquarium by Troy Brightbill

The Composition Of Several Synthetic Seawater Mixes by Marlin Atkinson and Craig Bingman

A Chemical Analysis of Select Trace Elements in Synthetic Sea Salts and Natural Seawater by Timothy Hovanec and Jennifer Coshland

Inland Reef Aquaria Salt Study, Part I by Mathew Marulla, Thomas O'Toole

Inland Reef Aquaria Salt Study, Part II by Mathew Marulla, Thomas O'Toole

Salt Mix Impressions by Steven Pro

Sea Salts, Part One: A review and a new study to determine their effects on reef aquarium inhabitants by Eric Borneman

Sea Salts, Part Two: The M.A.R.S.H. Salt Study by Eric Borneman and Kim Lowe

Reef Chemistry Quiz by Randy H-F

A Lesson in Meters and Monitors: Resolution and Accuracy

Switching Gears by Craig Bingman, Ph.D.

The Trouble with Testing Devices by Terry Siegel

Test Kits: How to Get the Most From Them by Timothy Hovanec

Understanding How Test Kits Work by Craig Bingman, Ph.D.

Reef Aquarium Water Parameters
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