maxima clam lighting requirement question

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Mar 7, 2009
Ft.Lauderdale, FL
Hi all. I was thinking of adding an aquacultured t. maxxima clam or 2 to my tank but i wonder what will be the proper placement. I am running 2x250w 14k MH, 2x55w t5's and about 110 1w leds (blue and white) over a 24 inch deep tank 48 inches long. I understand they need lots of light so im wonderign what peoples opinions are on placement with this lighting set-up.

Will it be ok to still keep it in the bottom half of the tank or would it need to be higher in the tank? I would like to keep it lower in the tank because i have a few spots with medium flow rates down there that would be more suitable just worried it may not be enough light down there.



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Feb 20, 2009
Spokane, Washington, United States
You will have to ask the clam once you get it :) But I've always had good luck with them under 250 metal halides - IMO that combined with your T5s, you've got plenty of light.. just watch your clam and if it starts to loose color or not open up all the way, then consider moving it up. FWIW, "medium flow" is a lot more flow than you would assume, and higher up in your tank with more flow might make your clam happier!

When thinking of clams you've got squamosas and derasas that tolerate lower light, and then your maximas and croceas that prefer the higher light... If you are worried, start with a squammie or a derasa! Then, once you get comfortable keeping those clams move up to the maximas and croceas :D
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