May Meeting, 5/11 @ 5 PM

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Feb 20, 2009
Spokane, Washington, United States
Our May meeting is almost upon us. Randy (randythereefer) has volunteered his tank for our meeting this month. His 180 gallon tank is bea-u-ti-ful!! Stocked, and definitely a result of meticulous maintenance.

Randy has recently begun using a sulfur denitrifier on his tank to help with nitrate control, so we will learn what he is doing, discuss the results, and discuss nitrate control using reactors at the meeting.

When: Saturday, May 11, 5 PM
Where: Randy's House - Spokane (Crestline and Illinois area)

Proposed by-law changes:

The last piece of official business for May is we will be proposing a bylaw change to our club's articles of incorporation that changes our club meetings from Monthly to Quarterly. The current proposal includes meetings in October, December, March, and May, along with our annual summer BBQ in August.

We are proposing this for a couple reasons ... 1) we have a lot of out of town members and asking them to attend a meeting every month can be a bit of a burden, 2) keeping content interesting and new on a monthly basis without repeating previous topics can be difficult, 3) we believe better meetings more often will improve attendance - although attendance is good, we would love to see 20 or so members at every meeting!

If you have any comments, please feel free to voice them on our forum, or at the meeting.

See you on the 11th!!


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Jul 27, 2012
Spokane, WA
I'll be there! Just paid my dues, and I'll be chipping in on the group buy.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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