MH bulb for M58 ballast - What type

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Evil Genius
Jun 30, 2003
Sultan, Wa
Who has a known type of bulb that will work with an Magnetic M58 style 250 watt ballast?

It presently has an unknown bulbous bulb (grins - great description I know) which I believe may be an old Coralife 5K or 6500K. It works and fires, but this bulb is yearssssssss old.

It won't fire a AB 10K 250 watt bulb, and I don't want to guess on what types of bulbs may work only to spend $$$ wasting my time and mulla.

Anyone have some old 250 MH bulbs of known type I can borrow try out on it?

PM me, and I'll make it worth your while.



The new XM bulb is designed to work on magnetic ballasts. I installed on on my 175 watt pendant. It was really BLUE to begin with but has burned in a whiter blue. I am AMAZED how easily the bulb fires! My old hamilton 10K was always a crapshoot - took 5-6 tries to completely fire.

I certainly don't have a 250 for you to borrow...just a recomendation for a bulb that works with that ballast. Erika :)