my lil reef tank

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May 27, 2014
Looking good. Nice colors. Like those clowns, very bright!
Nice aquascapping
Looks fantastic!

Thanks all!

No pictures, but I figured I'd shoot out a quick update. One of the fans in the hood crapped out a few weeks ago while out was at work, and I came home to see all of my corals withered and the temp pushing 86+. So, I replaced both hood fans with higher quality aftermarket ones, and modded the rear of the hood to fit 2 more fans in it. Temp now sits at a stable 82F. Everything recovered except for all of the Xenia. It all withered away and died :frown:

Found a great deal on a Hydor Smart ATO to deal with the increased evaporation, and everything has been running fantastically.

Anyways, even though I was advised against it, I was given a 6 line wrasse for free from a friend...we'll see how he does for the time being. Also picked up an Emerald Crab to take care of a small amount of Bubble algae that popped up.

Now, I'd like to start adding some more easyish corals, preferably something that isn't green or purple. Any suggestions and/or offers? I'd love to trade for some frags, but the only things I have to trade are freshwater.
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