My new anemones - A blue and a green S. gigantea

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Minh Nguyen

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Oct 3, 2003
Here are the pictures of my two new S. giganteas that I just got on 3/02/04. Both seem healthy without visible injury. The green one is bleached but the blue one looks OK. Wish me luck.

Here are the new pictures as the light turn on on 3/03/04.
One of the Blue pictures was taken with flash. The others were under my 250 W 20,000K MH compensated using Photo Shop (Auto level function)
The tank still looks very bare since I only have small frags. Most are only 1-3 inches. They looks hopelessly tiny in a 8 foot tank. Just rock and three anemones if I tank a full tank picture. I will have to set up a species tank for at least one of these anemones. I also got an other A. percula send to me (mistake) They seem healthy and is doing fine (had formalin dipped befor going to my tank. I did not quarantine them since I did not expected them and have no other place to put them.



Jul 1, 2003
Spokane Valley, WA
Hi Minh,
I love those big carpets! I have never had luck with them myself. I hope they settle in to your tank and do well.

I'm sure your tank will look full very soon as those little frags grow and grow :)