My trip to southern Spain

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Mar 17, 2004
Columbus, OH
I recently returned from a vacation in southern Spain. I spent quite a bit of time by the ocean and saw some awesome things. I saw what appeared to be a condy anemone. It had yellowish tentacles with pink tips. It was in high light shallows. I was so excited when I spotted it. I also saw red and deep purple giant feather dusters. I saw numerous types of shrimp that I couldn't ID. They were clear with little bluish tinted front pincher things. I also saw some soft corals and some interesting algaes. I also saw tons of blenny/goby like fish. Does anybody know what breed would be common around there? I actually caught one and studied it's looks. It has a blenny/goby body but has a smaller mouth than the ones I've seen at the LFS. They appear to be striped, and changed colors with stress. The adults were darker in color and had some pretty coloring. They live in the shallow rocky areas close to shore. I really wanted to bring one home with me, but I think I would've had an interesting time explaining that one to customs :) I can't find a picture of one that even looks similar. Thanks!!
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