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May 12, 2004
Boise, ID
So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I've been surfing this board for a while now and occassionly post here and there but I just do a lot of reading from everyone else's experiences. So many people here are are just FULL of knowledge and I've learned a ton from you guys. I'm part of the Idaho reef club but it's still pretty small and while everyone in our group is absolutely wonderful, it's hard to get ahold of them sometimes when you need immediate help simply because of our small group size. You guys have some gorgeous tanks up there, and I've done business with a few very nice people up in the Seattle are too! I hope that when I come up to visit a good friend of mine who just moved there some of you might have some free time to let me check out your tanks :p ;)

And before I forget, IMAS expanded our website and added a message forum, so since we're still growing, I'd really love to have you all check it out and leave your own input on the forums because it's always nice to have more people around so you have more experience to draw from.


I really hope to see some of you down there :) and I look forward to staying here too and learning from everyone :D
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