Neon Pseudochromis

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Nov 4, 2003
Tukwila, WA
I know from past experiences with the bi-color, strawberry and skunk-back dottybacks/pseudocromis that they're super evil to just about anything but damsels/clowns.

but my dilema is petco has these beautiful TANK_RAISED neon pseudos/dottys for an almost unheard of $16.99 (well it's less than half the lowest price I've seen for one)

anyone have this particular dottyback before?

I have a bi-color blenny, i wish to not be destroyed.

any suggestions?


Well-known member
Jul 2, 2003
I have a Neon Pseudo in my 55g and it seems to be a model citizen. He gets along fine with my Red Lip Blenny, Coral Beauty, Foxface, and my clowns. I haven't seen him be too aggressive but I did have a rather mysterious death occur to my Yellow Watchmen. It looked really healthy except it appeared to have what looked like a popped blood vesel under it's skin that ran from the corner of his mouth up to the bottom of it's eye and kinda wrapped up around the side of the eye. I noticed the Watchmen out of his cave with that and he died like 45 mins later. He was perfectly fine the day before when I fed them so I thought maybe he swam into a rock or possibly the Neon poked him in the head like I've seen him do to some small snails. I can't be sure but I'm watching the Neon more closely now.