New Helios Lights available! 100w, 180w, 270w!!!

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Oct 19, 2013
Seattle, WA
We are proud to announce our new line of Helios LEDs. They are an improvement over the previous generations of LEDs featuring 40 watt multichips to give more punch to more closely match a 14,000K metal halide fixture. There are also supplemental 3 watt LEDs around the multichips to provide a better color spectrum. The entire light is constructed from aluminium to eliminate the risk of corrosion like some of the other lights.

Avaliable in Black or Brushed Aluminium Finishes!

CH1 features the 40 watt multichips along with 2 3000K warm white leds and 6 14,000K cool white LEDs.

CH2 Features 2 Royal Blue, 2 Blue and 2 Aquablue LEDs to fill out the spectrum and provide calming moon lighting.

CH3 has 3 410nm near-UV LEDs and 3 420nm near-UV LEDs to provide florescence in your corals and fish!

Most similar units are sold with a controller for each light which in turn adds to the cost of these units and it also means you have to stare at these controllers that are hard mounted to the light itself. With our new line of lighting, you only need one controller (either the intelligent or the Apex/DA ready converter) to control up to 10 individual lights. So as an example, if you needed three lights you could buy just the three lights and one converter and then daisy chain with our signal cable to run all, instead of three units that all had the controller installed in them.

Available in 100, 180, 270 watt models, 540 watt available through special order.
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