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Oct 19, 2013
Seattle, WA
Hi everyone! Today we got a Huge order of livestock that I thought I would share with you guys!
Come by and check it out, we are open from 12-7 pm today. Or feel free to message or give us a call if you have any questions.
Have a great day!

12 Conch Tiger Snail
3 Fairy Solorensis Wrasse
5 Square Anthias- Male & Female
6 Blue Eye Cardinal
6 Firefish Goby
3 Twinspot Signal Goby
2 Watchman Pink Spot Goby
6 Sleeper Diamond Goby
2 Jawfish Bluespot Goby
2 Coral Beauty Angel
2 Flame Angel
4 Copperband Butterfly
6 Yellow Tang
1 Powder Blue Tang- Show- 5 inch
2 Naso Blonde Tang- Show size with streams
1 Acanthurus Fowleri Tang
4 Sea-Hare Bluespot
6 Sand Sifting Starfish
24 Green Emerald Crab
12 Cleaner Shrimp
100 Cerith Snail
50 Bumblebee Snail
100 Nassarius Snail
100 Astrea Snail
3 Ruby Red Dragonets
3 Lawnmowe Blenny
2 Midas Golden Blenny
3 Watchman Yellow Goby
2 Longnose Hawkfish
1 Flame Hawkfish
2 Bluejaw Trigger- Male
1 Sailfin Desjardini Tang
2 Blue Tang
3 Fairy Carpenter’s Wrasse Males
6 Melanurus Wrasse
2 Potters Wrasse
1 Leopard Wrasse
3 Linkia Blue Starfish
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