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Apr 29, 2004
Middlesex, NJ
I'm a newbie to saltwater aquariums, and I wish to purchase and set up a 240 gallon aquarium. Does anyone have any helpful information for me regarding the type of coral life and invertebrates that I should begin my system? Also what type of fish and sealife should I place in the aquarium? I'd like some opinions from all you professionals out there. Thanks.


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Jun 30, 2003
Mukilteo, WA
Buy a good couple of books and read until you have a good idea of what you would like to keep. It sounds like a cop out but it takes a while to realize what you need to do to keep these specimens healthy.

Decide on soft corals, hard corals, SPS dedicated, mixed system. Some choose fish for looks, some for function (i.e. algae grazers, aiptasia eaters, etc.). You have to decide what you want in the system and we can help you with our experiences.

Ask questions here. You'll get sound advice.

Read all of the information on this board that you can. Use the search feature. You'll find that a lot of the questions have been asked by others and answered.

Find a club in your area that you can join. This is the single best way to get into the hobby the 'right' way. The members are always ready to help with advice and labor when you are ready to move that big tank in.


Oct 30, 2003
Wow these I love!
Spend some time here and do a little of a Lot of reading.

Take reedmans advice, also starting out a tank that size, setting up can be very costly, this is probably the best advise I can give you, Patients, Please remember that, reading a few days, weeks isn't enough, it takes time to get to know good people supplying Great information, this alone will save you thousands, big headaches, & give you higher success levels quicker, which going this big should and will take big planning, so again Patients, it won't all sink in over night.

I want to personally give you a big welcome, and hope you will say a while, so we can all see & maybe help with your progress.


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Jul 18, 2003
I'd like to echo the warm welcome, Pacmanc! We're glad to have you here. :)

Here's a couple of good books to get you started: "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" by Robert Fenner and "The Natural Reef Aquarium" by John Tullock. These will give you a general idea of things (as well as some good specific info as well.) Then you might want to move on to "The Reef Aquarium Vol 1& 2" by Delbeek and Sprung. For more specific info on inhabitants try "Aquarium Corals" by Eric Borneman, "Corals: A quick Ref Guide" by Julian Sprung", "Reef Invertebrates" by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner and the must-have for fish selection is Scott Michael's "Marine Fishes: 500 Essential-to-Know Aquarium Species."

Lots of reading, eh? ;)

Look for used copies online at Barnes & Noble,, and to save a few bucks.

Cruise through the picture and reference galleries here on Reef Frontiers for ideas on what type of tank you might want to set up.

Providing for a reef tank isn't rocket science, but you really need to do your homework and have a fair amount of money, and time, to spend.

Patience is definitely a virtue. :)



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Jan 25, 2004
Welcome to Reef Frontiers! I can't echo enough the recommendation on reading and having patience, patience and more patience with more reading. You can look through the Peoples Reefs photo gallery to get ideas on what you want your tank to look like. Here are a couple of threads for you to look at as well: Show me your full tank shots and Show me your tanks
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