New tank... in the office, suggestions pls.

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Apr 7, 2004
London, UK.
Hi Everybody,

My company is moving into new offices very soon and my boss is loving the idea of a nice slice of the ocean for our design studio and the boardroom. At this point we’re still finalising the final building plans and studio layout but my brain is already tickig thinking of idea’s to make this new reef tank beyond amazing, it is basically going to be a tank that I would never be able to afford to have and run at home. It will have to be viewable from two sides, one side the design studio the other the boardroom. I’m unsure of the budget at this point but this tank will be as automated as possible, I don’t want to spend more time in the office than I already do, besides my lady will not be impressed what so ever. I aim to make this tank SPS and clam based. I want to go with closed loop systems, no powerheads must be in the tank, although Tunze streams would be cool, if I’m able to hide them nicely. Please throw your ideas my way, anything from filter systems, tanks sizes, shapes, fish, lighting etc etc



Feb 13, 2004
Spokane, WA
Consider making it so you can't see from one side to the other (rock wall in the middle). Often times there are confidential discussions, slides and white-board sessions in a board room.

What kind of size are you thinking of?

I'm thinking that something that is 3-4' wide (remember the rock wall in the middle) and 6-8' wide. That makes it a 270 to 480 gallon setup, if it is 24" deep.

Or are you thinking bigger. :)

Definitely a wet-closet with a sink, air vent to the outside and a floor drain. Plenty of room for a 5' skimmer, calcium reactor, etc.

Sump under the tank, filter socks that can be cleaned from the wet-room (when they are used)...



reefer addict
Aug 26, 2003
Portland, OR
Over flows would have to be on the ends - reconmend both sides. For flow you can come up from the bottom if a rock wall in the middle then up thru the rock work and over the top as needed. But this way you won't see any of the plumbing. Also have the sides made of black acrylic so the eyes gravitate toward the center.

just my .02
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