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May 19, 2010
Posted from stylaster on PNWMAS site: We are having our very own frag show this year on October 27th at the boys and girls club in Vancouver WA.* Right now im putting out the message to our great vendors and hobbyists that want to be a part and get a table.* You can save yourself some cash if you register early.* Right now till the end of April registration is only 100.00 plus a 50.00 donation.* At the end of April the cost goes up to 150.00 plus 50.00 donation.* Now's a good time to register and plan ahead for this great frag swap!* This is our second year and I know its going to be even bigger and better then last year.* Go check out www.nwfragfest.com for more info and to

Hope to see some of you there for the event! Last year was a huge success, with lots of participants. Worth the drive!

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