October Meeting in Lewiston this Saturday

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Feb 20, 2009
Spokane, Washington, United States
It is time for a road trip! Our next club meeting will be at Jennifer’s house in Lewiston. She has a great little 29 gallon biocube which has been up for just over a year, see her tank thread here: Jennifer’s Bio Cube
This should be a fun meeting, and our focus will be on how to control nuisance algae in a small bio-system. We all know the smaller your tank, the more nitrates and phosphates wreak havok on your lifestock! Plus, your choices of natural control methods become quite limited as overstocking becomes one of your biggest challenges.

Where: Jennifer’s House – Lewiston, ID (PM me for the address)
When: 5 PM, Saturday, October 13th (NOTE THE EARLIER TIME!!)
Discussion Topic: Nano tanks and algae control

Hope to see everyone at the meeting!
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