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Nov 25, 2003
Portland OR
I have been intending on getting all captive bred fish in the future, and was going to get ORA fish through my LFS connection... I can't bring up Orafarms.com at all for days. Does anyone know if they still exist or have another web address? Is C-Quest really gone? One website (Garf) says they were destroyed in a hurricane, another says they got bought out.
I read in several magazines that domestic bred royal grammas, flame angels and mandarins were now available with no reference as to where to get them... nor was any specific difference cited between the phrase "domestic bred" vs "tank reared from wild caught larvae" so maybe they are not truly domestic bred.
Suggestions on sources? Is ORA gone?
Kate B
Oly WA

Ritsuko Nashida

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Jul 6, 2004
Yokohama Japan
I dont think ORA is gone. C-quest might very well have sustained serious damage with the recent hurricanes that have passed through that area. I havent hit thier site since my last computer crash so they are no longer on my favorites list. Dont know if ORA suffered in that as well, as it seems like I herd they were based out of Florida, not sure on that one though. But I do know that C-quest was in that area close to the storms.
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