Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Conference

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Jul 5, 2003

I would like to announce that the Mid-Columbia Saltwater Aquarium Club is hosting the Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Conference on August 13th & 14th in Richland WA. Guest Speakers will be Steve Tyree and Ryan Gent discussing the topics of "The Biological Light Requirements of Photosynthetic Corals" and "Clams, Culturing Phytoplankton, and foods for reef aquariums". We have several vendors donating over $750 in merchandise and gift certificates for door prizes and auction. We have just received 3 boxes of hand selected choice corals that will be auctioned, and many of the club members have donated over 35 coral frags to be given away. There will be BBQ, and tank tours, and the event is being held at a clubhouse with a pool and playground for the children, so bring the whole family. Tickets are $20 per family and available from Mojoreef on the Reef Frontiers forum, just send him a PM. Or they can be purchased online at http://www.midcolumbiasaltwater.com/PNWMAC.htm

This is shaping up to be a great event. We hope to see you there. For anyone that wants to caravan to the Tri-Cities (Richland) PM Mojoreef as he will be making the trip.


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Apr 8, 2004
I am close but wont be able to Make it either as I am leaving out of state for a week on Sunday the 15th LOL.. I was thinking about going but its a long drive up there and back and then Driving to Reno,Nv on Sunday LOL yeah right.. Too many miles for this tired old sole


Ed Hahn

Life is A Highway...
Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
We are excited as Hell to see you Guys! Come over to Ricos Place for a Barbeque tonight. We are putting signs up for Auditorium. For those that want to see where the Auditorium is. It is pretty Close to Ricos House (Barbeque Location). We have to put signs up for Tank Tour today. So watch for Signs saying Reef Club. One of the Main Streets in Richland is George Washington Way. If you come into Richland for Barbeque go to George Washington Way north towards Hanford until you hit Sprengler (7-11 on corner of Sprengler and G.Way). Turn right on Sprengler, Go about 50 yards, You will see Buccaneer St., You take a left into Buccaneer. You go to second cross street. You want to look on the left side of street. By now you would probably see cars and smell the two smokers and Barbeque going. You should see a Blue House on Corner of MainMast. You will see people wanting to shake your hand and feed you food and drinks and talk about what they love about this hobby.
Again, if you have any problems call me..

EXITED, Just does not Fit as the word!

Ed Hahn
509-374-0815 (home in Kennewick)
509-948-4013 (Cell phone)


Mar 5, 2004
Exited??? Do you mean Excited?? hehe.. Yeah we have a ton of food, pop and BEER.. All ready to go.. Also the street is Spengler (Geo Way and Spengler).. Hey Ed I sent you PM...
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