PNWMAC 2005 in August 21st Week end

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Ed Hahn

Life is A Highway...
Jan 27, 2004
Kennewick, Wa
I think we need to start talking about PNWMAC 2005. I spoke with a few people recently. The tentative plan is for August 21st Week end. I still have to confirm that with others. Those others are all volunteers. I have spoke with Terry Bartelme a few times. He is showing me I need to get my act together. He will need to be reimbursted for time off work and a place to stay. Anthony Calfo Rocks. Anthony said I am in as long as I have a plane ticket and place to sleep and Its not the 26th.

I am asking those that would like to volunteer to help to speak up now. Lets get this act going. Ticket presales would help tremendously. If everyone that helped last year is willing to cooperate we have it made. Please Let me know if you are interested. I am hoping to have the same treasurer we had last year. Barbi, you and the PC did a fantastic Job of organization. Ring in your oppinions please how to make this work and if you want to do something to make this more organized. If we can communicate someway about this periodically it would be fantistic. We have time on our Side. It would give people a heads up on what is going on. I am asking for Group leaders to speak up for each area.

Ok, Lets get a plan going,
There is a good chance we can get the Auditorium again in Tri-Cities.

A Little spark goes a long ways...Thanks Chuck
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