Psilocybin in Aquatic Mushrooms

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Sep 1, 2003
Lynnwood, WA
No. Aquatic "mushrooms" are related to anemones, NOT fungii. They just look like mushrooms which is why they are called that, totally different and not even possible.

So no, you won't be turning your reef tank into a mushroom farm, besides, there is more money in selling aquacultured corals than drugs anyway. :)

Interesting thought though.


electrolyte addict
Jul 4, 2003
Hm, then how do we explain all those colors
I explain them with different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Fungii on the other hand are quite tasty. Especially in the Pacific Northwest. There are more species of mushrooms here than anywhere else on the planet: shitakkes, shantrells, butilis, poison, and psylcyibae.

You Are In Fungii HEAVEN!

Here is the sure fire way to have your favorite grow in your own yard! Pick your favorite cap and dry it getting the spores. Now comes the hard part. You must keep things as sterile as you can. Grow 10+ cultures in one gallon jars. One possibly two may survive. Take that and put it in the middle of a rolled up corregated cardboard roll and soak it in a garbage sack. Wait two weeks and then roll out on a lawn and cover with an inch or so of topsoil; slightly shaded would be best. The fungii is underground and the fruitng body will pop-up ever fall just in time for Halloween.