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Jun 27, 2003
Mukilteo, WA
April Contest Announcement

It's time for the Reef Frontiers April Contest. This month the contest is sponsored by Arizona Coral Company, who is providing the winner with a $200 Certificate. This contest will be 5 weeks in length, and each week will be something different.

Here are the dates of the contest:

WEEK 1: April 4 - 10
WEEK 2: April 11 - 17
WEEK 3: April 18 - 24
WEEK 4: April 25 - May 1
WEEK 5: May 2 - May 8

WEEK 1: Hidden Phrase. This will be a hidden phrase about mantis shrimp. Search the threads between April 4 - 10th. Send a PM to Nikki/NaH2O with the correct location AND phrase. The first correct responder will win for the week.

WEEK 2: Hidden Picture. Search Reef Frontiers and Arizona Coral Company's website for the hidden picture between April 11 - 17th. You will know when you have found will be obvious. PM the correct location to Nikki/NaH2O. The first correct location will win for the week.

WEEK 3: ID Quiz. Mike/mojoreef will post 5 pictures to be correctly identified. Send your responses to Nikki/NaH2O. The first person with the all the correct answers will win for the week. Look for the quiz to be posted between April 18 - 24th.

WEEK 4: Hidden Picture. Same rules apply as for WEEK 2, except it will be posted between April 25 - May 1st. Be sure to PM the correct location to Nikki/NaH2O.

WEEK 5: Quiz. Nikki/NaH2O will post 5 questions to be answered. PM your answers to her. The first person with all the correct answers will win for the week. The Quiz will be posted Wednesday, May 5th between 7-8 EST.

The winner of the $200 certificate to Arizona Coral Company will be the member with the most wins for the contest.