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Jun 27, 2003
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$200 Gift Certificate to Reef Supply

Hey everyone! We are very excited to announce Reef Frontiers first contest of the year, Sponsored by Reef Supply!! They are providing a very generous $200 Gift Certificate to the winner. Thank you Reef Supply!!

Here are the details:

The contest is going to take place over a 5 week period, starting February 13th. Each week, there will be a "KEYWORD" posted somewhere in a thread or located somewhere on Reef Supply's website. You will know when you've found the keyword, as it will be in bold and preceded by the "KEYWORD". The 1st person to PM Nikki (NaH2O) the KEYWORD and its location will be the winner for that week. The member with the most wins over the course of the contest wins the Reef Supply $200 Gift Certificate. The KEYWORD could be posted at any moment during the week or weekend, day or night. It may or may not be found in a post by a RF Staff could be edited into a member's post, as well. So, you must read read read. Nikki will post the winner of each week on the Rf Contest thread. The member with the most weekly wins will take home the coveted Gift Certificate.

Remember: The KEYWORD can be found in a post by anyone and might be found on the Reef Supply website, too. You must PM me the KEYWORD along with the location. Don't forget to include the location with the keyword. The FIRST correct PM Nikki (NaH20) receives will be the winner for that week.

Here is an example of the contest: