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Dec 14, 2008
Alki Beach, Seattle
Hello all, After about 15 years of reefkeeping I am looking to get rid of my reef tank as I dont have time any more. This tank has been setup in this space since 2014, but was moved from my previous house. Its setup so well now I rarely do any maintenance :) I am looking for someone who wants to get EVERYTHING. I dont really have time to piece meal items.

Here is the main info.

120 Gallon Tank, dual overflows, closed loop pump
LED lights overhead, full spectrum about 2 years old.
20-30 gallon newer sump pump, with skimmer, pumps, heater, etc.
White cabinet (perfect for the salt!) in decent condition
Reefkeepers light system for pumps etc.
10 gallon refugium plumbed to another room, but can be put wherever
S-ton of live rock
S-ton of nice coral that loves this tank, lots of ultra coral, though I dont remember any names.
Extra 20 gallon tanks to help move,
Tons and Tons of parts.
Heavy as crap, but I can help move and setup.

Let me know if your interested in looking at it,





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Jul 9, 2003
Kent 98031
I feel you Alki. I am on my 19th year and same boat. Just don't have time... But mine is not as nice as yours.... Good luck.... And here I am still have the urge for grabbing some corals from you, even though I want to quit. Lol.
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