Reef Tank Design Challenge

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Jan 17, 2004
I have had a reef tank on and off for the past 10 years. I have a lot of respect for the people who go all out and have the fuges, MH lights, etc. This may be great for those people, but I would like to create a reef that utilizes more HOB devices to show people who either don't have the space or the guts to put extra tanks underneath their primary ones. I am one of those people. Actually I am more scared of some pipe bursting and spilling water all over my wife's hardwood floors (I don't want to repeat that disaster!). So I would like to challenge you to come up with a design/specification of what you would do with these limitations. Here are some other parameters that should make this a little more interesting. :)

1) The tank is acrylic, so you have limited space to hang equipment off the back.
2) You are not allowed to drill into the tank. This should be easy for a newbie to set up.
3) External filters, such as fluvals can be used but not refuguims or sumps

Let your imagination go wild!

Ray Pollett

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Feb 17, 2004
Blaine, WA

That is the way I set up tanks. I do not use sumps since I only see the tanks for 45 - 90 minutes every week or every other week. I use Emperor 400 HOB filters and if the customer wants a skimmer I use the Remora- C Pro with Mag 3 upgrade.

I use PC lighting. On some tanks I do use closed loop water circulation using Flexable hose and PVC over the back thru the filter slots.

I do use Magnum 350 if customers insist on canister filters, but I charge extra and warn them, most will leak sooner or later. You could not give me a Fuvals canisters.

What size tank? I will sometimes have them increase the size of the fliter slots, which also means an increase in thickness of the top piece. That also increases cost though.



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Jul 25, 2003
does this count. this

i guess the only thing that may fail your criteria is the fact that my chiller is in the basementn.