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Mushroom Boy

Well-known member
Jun 27, 2003
I just wanted to respond to this morning's livestock list that was emailed to me. I noticed this line in particular...

"We are no longer carrying any wild collected soft corals. All of our soft corals have been aquacultured at the Bali farms. All species are attached to very natural looking rock plugs, and are extremely healthy. We feel there is no longer any need to take soft corals from the wild reefs, and hope that you help support this movement!"

I don't know if that's new or not, but it was the first time I noticed it. Way to go Jason! Companies like yours who take steps like these are insuring that the reef hobby will be sustainable long into the future. Strictly aquacultured SPS, clams, anemones and fish will soon follow if everyone supports this trend.

Thank you from a concerned reefer.