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Sales Policies

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Oct 30, 2003
Our sales policies from the user agreement! Please abide!

User Agreement said:
Reef Frontiers is first and foremost a Reef Discussion, Information sharing site. Reef Frontiers is not to be used as a glorified classified ad site or to be used in place of other sites such as eBay or Craig's List. As such we implement registration and post requirements in our for sale forums. The sales forums are for one purpose and one purpose only, selling personal used equipment or equipment not needed and selling fish or corals that out grown the tanks or similar reasons. Any other types of selling isn't permitted, these forums are a privilege to being a member, selling to support your tank is considered commercial and must follow the commercial policies provided. At any given time we reserve the right to revoke ones selling's rights if we deem commercial or unethical to the efforts of the forum.

Users will abide by the Reef Frontiers Sales policy. Fee's will be lifted after users meet these requirements.

1. Must be registered for at least 90 days AND
2. Must have at least 100 posts (meaning members didn't sign up just to buy and sell).

Users are not to arbitrarily make posts just to up their counts so they can post in these forums and is defined as Post Padding. Any infractions of these actions are subject for membership removal. Once criteria is met, users will be able to see and access the sales forums, until then the forums will be unavailable.

Group Buys are permitted at Reef Frontiers, only if they are being handled through a current Reef Frontiers Sponsor and must be made available to all Reef Frontier members. These Group Buys must take place within the Sponsor Forum of the participating vendor.

Reef Frontiers does not host any vendor feedback forums as they tend to spiral out of control quickly due to many different personal experiences with vendors or sponsors (or private parties) amongst the whole community. As such, it is against Reef Frontier's policy to air out one's issues about sponsors, local fish stores, or private deals which have been made or may have gone bad. We would ask all those who have issues like this or similar in nature to work these kinds of problems out in private. Reef Frontiers staff retains the right to retain or remove such posts from the general forums.

This User Agreement and any disputes arising out of or related to the services of this web site shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the United States.
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