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Jul 15, 2003
Seattle, WA
SAN FRANCISCO — Rome may be the Eternal City, but San Francisco could be home to the eternal fish. On Tuesday, aquarium officials at the Steinhart Aquarium honored an Australian lungfish, aptly named Methuselah after the Old Testament's millenia-old character.

Methuselah arrived at the aquarium in 1938 as a fully grown adult. That makes it at least 65 years old and the oldest fish in captivity, aquarium officials said after having researched collections at the world's other aquariums.

The Australian lungfish is rare even in its native waters. An eel-like fish with large scales, lungfish are thought by scientists to be the "missing link" between fish and amphibians because they also breath air.

Methuselah, who is three feet long and weights about 40 pounds, is known for its sly grin."It probably comes from the wisdom of the ages," said John McCosker, emeritus director of the aquarium.