Snail, Crab, and Nudibranch Research

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Jul 5, 2003
Crabs and other Crusties

The Lean, Unmean, Grazing Machines — Chitons in Nature And Aquaria by Ron Shimek

Crabs by Ron Shimek

So... Now You've Found Out You've Gotten The Crabs by Ron Shimek

Hermit Crabs in a Reef Tank by Ron Shimek

Bigger Bugs by Ron Shimek

Masters of Disguise by Maureen Shimlock and Burt Jones

Nudibranchs, Slugs, Flatworms

Observations on Anemone Predation and Reproduction by Hitchhiking Aeolid Nudibranchs by Brian Plankis

Beautiful, but Unwelcome; Aeolid Nudibranchs in the Reef Aquarium by Ron Shimek

Sea Slug Forum

The Berghia Training Program, Eric Borneman

Sunbathing Sea Slugs That Steal The Ways To Use The Rays by William Capman,

Greg Schiemer The Flatworm Eating Nudibranch

Jeffs Nudibrach gallery

Aquarium Culture of Berghia by Anthony Calfo


Laboratory Culture of the Aeolid Nudibranch Berghia verrucicornis

The slug site

Marine flatwrorms of the world

Recent Observations On Berghia sp. Nudibranchs by Eric Borneman

Nudibranchs by Ron Shimek

Sea Hares

Sea Slugs - Part 1 by Rob Toonen

Biological Aiptasia Control: Commercial Availability of Berghia verrucicornis,

Snails and Molluscs

Reefkeeper's Guide to Invertebrate Zoology: Part 13: Introduction to the Molluscs By Rob Toonen

Whelks by Ron Shimek, Ph.D.

Cowries, by Rob Toonen

Cone Shell and Conotoxin Homepage

Turbo Snail Problems and Acclimatization, Various Authors

And Along Came a Spider by Ronald L. Shimek

Naked ...Gills on Snails by Ronald L. Shimek

The Mollis Clans – A Celebration of Molluscan Diversity by Ronald L. Shimek

Nassarius Snails as Scavengers in Reef Aquaria by Ron Shimek

Grazing Snails — Part I Turbo, Trochus, Astraea And Kin, by Ronald Shimek

The Grazing Snails, Part II - Abalones, Limpets and Nerites by Ronald L. Shimek

The Grazing Snails, Part III: Conchs, Ceriths, Cowries, and Columbellids by Ronald L. Shimek

Aquarium Inverts by Julian Sprung (Nerites)

Snail Eggs by Ronald L. Shimek

Things with stings....Conus snails by Ronald L. Shimek

Snails that ain't...Vermetid Snails In Marine Aquaria by Ron Shimek

Wanted: Hobbyist Heroes to Stop an Alien Invasion by Mike Greenemier and Brian Plankis
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