Steel Stand with Toe Kicks

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Precision Fabricator
Dec 2, 2005
Issaquah, Wa. USA

Sorry for the lack of new posts, been swamped in the shop with lots of cool projects. Just been turnin' and burnin' with no pic's.
Here is a cool stand that we did for Barrier Reef. It is going into a nail salon in Bellevue. The back story on the original install is the owner had his cabinet guy do the stand and canopy. He used MDF faced with Plastic Laminate. I don't know how long it lasted, but the tank failed caused by the MDF absorbing moisture and swelling.
Tim of Barrier Reef fame called to discuss a mission. We like to work with these guy's as much as we can, so we jumped onboard. We didn't want a stand failure so we used 2" square tubing, and at 7 feet long, 24.5" wide and 52" tall, it was going to use up a lot of steel, and get heavy quick. We then laid up some matte black plastic laminate with white for the inside. We edge banded everything and machined out some doors and vents for a chiller. Check it out!

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