Steve Tyree speaking Feb 20

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Nov 23, 2003
Cincinnati is having Steve Tyree speak on Sunday Feb. 20.


Here's more info above about the location and time.


There was a great review of the talk ST is giving in the Dec/Jan 2005 issue of Marine World Magazine. Sounds like it would be great to hear and see the latest version of that talk.

That is one I would like to go to even though it's so far from Lorain and Medina Counties and the southwest Cleveland suburbs. It would be nice to have a van full of passengers to go with me. It's about three hours from my house, so it would be great to have someone who can drive a van spell me on the way back. I make the trip to their meetings a few times a year, sometimes by myself, but company makes the trip shorter. I have a DVD thing for the van if people get tired of talking about tanks.

I live near the I 71 and I 80 (Ohio turnpike) cloverleaf, and just a mile or so from Columbia Station and Rt 82. There's room in my drive for cars to park if anyone near me is interested in carpooling. Weather allowing of course.
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